Services you can find in the urbanisation MONTE DE LOS ALMENDROS:

Swimming pool for adults, pool for children, tennis court, mini football ground, children playground…


  • No entrance allowed to any stranger
  • Entrance only with security key
  • Inside the precinct personal identification is obligatory if requested.
  • Capacity: 100 people
  • Entrance prohibited while suffering any contagious or transmissible disease
  • Do not bring any glass bottles or cutting material (cans)
  • It is forbidden to leave any garbage; use the dustbin or dumpster
  • Children must be supervised by an adult
  • No entry with street wear
  • Do not introduce any beach items (air mattresses, balls, etc)
  • Animals are not permitted
  • Smoking and eating is forbidden
  • Use showers before bathing


  • Please, use the court with sneakers and sportswear.
  • Entrance only with security key
  • Only co-owners and residents of the urbanization, as well as their relatives, are entitled to use the court. They can play with people outside of the urbanization, like guests. Minimum half of the players must be residents or co-owners.
  • Children under 10 years can´t play on the court without adult supervision.
  • Each co-owner has the right to request the use of the court maximum ONE HOUR per day, unless the court is free.
  • The request has to be done one day before. The list is displayed in the mailbox room; personal inscription is requested. The administration staff won´t answer requests by phone.
  • Co- owners can also use the court by subscribing to the list, taking advantage of the free hours.
  • Each year, the board of the urbanization will determine the price for illumination of the court if needed. For illumination of the court for one hour you need a chip which is available in the administration office. This chip has to be introduced to the machine on the court.
  • The price of the chips will be charged to the owners’ account after signed authorization.


  • The ground can only be used by co-owners and their guests. At least half of the players must be co-owners or residents.
  • Please, use the ground with sneakers and sportswear.
  • Entrance only with security key

Board meeting agreement 21-August-2007